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Little Scandi Bath Robe (Baby)

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Little Scandi Bath Robe (Baby)


Stylish bath robe made of anti-bacterial ultra-micro fiber in various designs for a baby


Little Scandi bath robe is an essential item for stylish babies and parents’ joyful bath time. The specially designed bath robe can beautifully mingle with bathroom interior and make baby to a fashionista in a stylish gown at a beach.


Characteristics of Little Scandi material

  1. Anti-bacterial: Little Scandi towel remains a long term effect of preventing bacteria and mold by reaction of light and the moisture in the air while dried in the sun after washing.

  2. Functional: Ultra-micro fibers make towel very thin and lightweight and dense fibers absorb moisture in an instant and dry out quickly.

  3. Soft: Even after washing several times without fabric softer, its softness is maintained for a long time and protects delicate skin against irritation.

  4. Safe: Little Scandi towel is validated its safety through the baby and toddler safety test and the certificate of KC B044H398-3001 proves it.




Length (a)


Chest (b)


Sleeves (c)


Belt (d)


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