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Little Scandi Bath Towel

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Little Scandi Bath Towel


Highly functional bath towel made of anti-bacterial ultra-micro fiber in various designs


Little Scandi towel can be used for multi purposes because of its benefits such as attractive appearance, excellent portability, fast absorption and dryness.

  • Indoor: bath towel, blanket, interior piece
  • Outdoor: beach towel, mat, stroller blanket, sport & travel goods


Characteristics of Little Scandi material

  1. Anti-bacterial: Little Scandi towel remains a long term effect of preventing bacteria and mold by reaction of light and the moisture in the air while dried in the sun after washing.

  2. Functional: Ultra-micro fibers make towel very thin and lightweight and dense fibers absorb moisture in an instant and dry out quickly.

  3. Soft: Even after washing several times without fabric softer, its softness is maintained for a long time and protects delicate skin against irritation.

  4. Safe: Little Scandi towel is validated its safety through the baby and toddler safety test and the certificate of KC B044H398-3001 proves it.







90cm x 130cm

40cm x 90cm

30cm x 40cm


Poly 80/Nylon 20

Poly 80/Nylon 20

Poly 80/Nylon 20


Bath Towel

Face Towel

Tea Towel

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